Current Project Updates

Here you will find updates regarding projects being completed at Village on the Green.

Please come to this page often for updated information on dates and projects


Permits submitted. Street project beginning soon.

Permits have been submitted to the City of Clearwater for our street project. Contractor can start as soon as city signs off all the permits and coordinates with their crews. (with COVID still slowing permits down at the city level, we have no idea as to when they will be signed. (Please be patient)


Contract was signed October 2021 by Board

First payment due by homeowners November 1, 2021 (4 payments of $375 each or one payment of $1500)

The special assessment will be handled differently than your current monthly maintenance fees.
Ameri-Tech will be sending out a coupon book with 4 (four) coupons and it will have a DIFFERENT BILL PAY NUMBER for the 4 installments of $375 (Please do not change anything on your regular monthly maintenance fee OR add an additional payment to your monthly payment fee, if you do, those will be applied to your monthly fees, AND NOT this special assessment)

IF you are paying the entire special assessment of $1500, you can mail a check to Ameri-Tech. Please include your LOT #, your address and name. AND mention this is for SPECIAL ASSESSMENT

Ameri-Tech Community Management, Inc.
24701 US Highway 19 N. Suite 102
Clearwater, FL 33763